Gun Drilling Machines (ELB Method)

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Gun Drilling Machines
  • Solid drilling to Ø 40 mm
  • Drilling depths to 4,500 mm*

Tibo gundrilling machines are ideally suited to deep hole drilling tasks with smaller drilling diameters of 2 mm to 40 mm.

A characteristic of the gundrilling method is that the coolant is introduced through channels inside the tool shaft. It is removed together with the drilling chips via a V-shaped slot (beading) along the tool. Our unique machine concept with high-quality, harmonised system components enables deep hole drilling operations to be performed down to a drilling depth of 4,500 mm or more – with maximum precision and at high speed.

BTA deep hole drilling machine System BTA

The modular system enables every gundrilling machine to be individually adapted to the user's needs: At the same time, systems with between one and six spindles can be realised as standard. Additionally, assembly as a TWIN UNIT is possible for machining particularly large quantities, involving drilling with up to twelve spindles simultaneously from two sides. There is also optional provision for shutting down individual drilling spindles, if for example different batch sizes are often machined.

Every deep hole drilling machine can also be configured with automatic loading and unloading, making it ideal for economical series production. The modular design and extensive optional accessories allow additional machining methods such as reaming for example. Proven components and state-of-the-art tools guarantee highly precise drilling results.

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Gun Drilling Machines

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