OTT-Jakob Power-Check Drawbar Pull Force Gauge

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OTT-Jakob Power-Check


  • EXCHANGING ADAPTERS can be used for all tapered standards and sizes
    (SK, ANSI, BT, MAS, HSK, CAPTO, special forms)
  • GRIPPING CHANNEL for automatic changing and positioning in the tool magazine
  • AUTOMATIC MODE activates the POWER-CHECK II by itself during the tool changing
  • COMPACT than the Power-Check I and much more suitable for difficult space conditions
  • ADJUSTABLE RANGE to simulate the tolerance range of the tool/spindle
  • LED-DISPLAY shows the measured force even at difficult lighting conditions
  • INTERNAL MEMORY stores up to 8.000 measurements (machine-ID, date, time, pull force, adjusted range)
  • USB CONNECTION to download the internal memory and charge of the integrated battery

OTT-Jakob Power-Check

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