Advanced Machine & Engineering AME Product Lines for manufacturing


Advanced Machine and Engineering produces a wide range of Innovative Solutions for many applications.

CNC Fixtures 

CNC Fixtures - Customized & Standard Fixturing

Metal Cutting Technology 

Amsaw Production Carbide Saws and Speedcut Blades

OTT / Spindle Interface 

OTT-Jakob Power Drawbars / Spindle Interface

SPIETH / Precision Components 

Precision Components - Bushings, Sleeves, Locknuts and more

STOTZ Air Gaging 

STOTZ High Precision Air Gaging

AMLOK Position Holding 

AMLOK Position Holding - The Rod Lock for Heavy Loads

SITEMA Press Safety 

SITEMA Press Safety - The Reliable Gravity Fall Prevention

OTT-Gears Worm Gears 

OTT-Gears - Patented High Precision Worm Gears

Contract Manufacturing 

Complete Turnkey Contract Manufacturing

HENNIG Machine Protection 

HENNIG Machine Protection & Chip Conveyors
Advanced Machine and Engineering