AMLOK® Pneumatic Series RLN Rod Clamp Power-Off Rod Lock

Pneumatic RLN Rod Clamps

AMLOK RLN attached to NFPA cylinder with CMF1 mounting flange and custom pressure check valve.

Fourth-Generation Power-Off Rod Lock

  • Fast Response time

  • Extremely low backlash

  • Power-off clamping

  • Double acting

  • Available in many sizes.
  • Amlok RLN
  • Application


AMLOK® Pneumatic Series RLN Rod Clamp

The RLN power-off pneumatic rod locks are particularly-well suited for holding applications in industries such as automotive, mobile, food, machine tool and military test, among others.

Standard features include anodized aluminum construction, a heavy-duty clamp system and power-off clamping. The standard seal material is carboxylated nitrile.

The unit, which uses dry-filtered air, has a release pressure ranging from a minimum of 60 PSI to a maximum of 160 PSI. The operating temperature ranges from 10 degrees F to 180 degrees F. Maximum rod tolerance is +0.000 in./-0.002 in.

The lock mounts to standard NFPA cylinders or can be stand-alone using MXO, MF1, MF2, and MS1 mounting configurations.

Options Include
  • Stainless or electroless nickel-plated housing
  • Viton seals
  • Wiper scraper

The AMLOK® RLN is AME's fourth-generation power-off rod lock - the culmination of 14 years of manufacturing and marketing pneumatic and hydraulic rod locks.


Mounting Options

For more technical information and dimensions, please download the AMLOK RLN-Series PDF Catalog.

Mounting Options
MXO / SN : No Mount
MXO / SN : No Mount
CMF2 : Cylinder Mount
CMF2 : Cylinder Mount
CMXO : Cylinder Mount
CMXO : Cylinder Mount
CMS1 : Cylinder Mount
CMS1 : Cylinder Mount
SA : Stand Alone / CA : Cylinder Mount
SA : Stand Alone / CA : Cylinder Mount
SMS1 : Stand Alone
SMS1 : Stand Alone
SMF1 : Stand Alone / CMF1 : Cylinder Mount
SMF1 : Stand Alone / CMF1 : Cylinder Mount


The new AMLOK® RLN Series Rod Lock design is sealed and suitable for food and washdown applications.  Other common applications include:

  • Machine Tool Applications
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Presses
  • Scissor-lift Table
  • Test and Positioning Equipment
  • Amusement Ride Equipment
  • Printing and Paper Handling Equipment
  • Theatrical Equipment (Platforms)
  • Assembly and Test Equipment

Application Note







RCN Pneumatic
Rod Lock

Food Processing

Food Processing Company




RCH Hydraulic
Rod Lock

Commercial Seed & Material Blowing

Finn Corporation


Repair Service

AMLOKS, both pneumatic and hydraulic are rebuildable

AME offers an extensive repair service for AMLOK rod locks.
Please call for a return material authorization (RMA) number.

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AMLOK RLN Rod Locks Catalog

AMLOK RLN-Series Rod Locks 

PDF Catalog 1.5 MB

Updated 03/2013

AMLOK RLI Metric Rod Locks Catalog

 AMLOK RLI-Series Metric Rod Locks 

PDF Catalog 1 MB

Updated 08/2012

AMLOK RLN Rod Locks Specifications Sheet

 AMLOK RLN-Series Rod Locks 

PDF Specifications Sheet 690K




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