AMROK CNC Tombstones & Grid Plates

AMROK CNC Tombstones & Plates

AMROK CNC Tombstones and Plates

Tombstones To Your Specifications

  • Cast iron, aluminum, steel and AMROK Epoxy-Mineral

  • Plain face, standard grid patterns or machined to your specifications



Custom Made

All AMROK Tombstones and Grid Plates are custom made to your specifications and are available with:

  • Standard grid patterns on 2.0000” spacing using hardened threaded inserts and bushings
  • Custom holes or hole patterns including Tee-slots or any other locating/fastening systms
  • Plain faces (no holes)
  • Material of your choice - Cast iron, Aluminum, Steel or AMROK Epoxy-Mineral
  • Wide range of standard catalog sizes available with “special” sizes upon request (most of what we do, other companies would regard as “special”)

We will make to your specification: cube tombstones, single-angle and double-angle tombstones, cross-column tombstones, window frame tombstones, octagon tombstones, hexagon tombstones, triangle tombstones, Y tombstones, risers, consoles, angle-blocks, and plates.


AMROK Tombstones and Grid Plates are designed to a “Precision” tolerance. The Precision Tolerance is designed to be the industry’s tightest tolerance for flatness, parallelism, perpendicularity, surface finish and hole location. All Tombstones / Grid Plates are built, and then inspected using AME’s in-house Co-ordinate Measuring Machines to verify compliance to specification.

Locating of Tombstones and Grid plates to your machine tool is accomplished by precision hardened and ground wear pads, milled edge locating, center locating, locating keys or any other mounting configuration you may require.

See the Catalog tab above for more information. 

Configure a Tombstone or Grid Plate that meets your needs by calling our 

Workholding Sales Associates at 815-962-6076.

Information on Epoxy-mineral tombstones is available here.


Ordering Guide

Please specify these 4 items when ordering:

1. Part Number (unless you need a special configuration)

2. After each part number specify one of the following:

  • "C" (casting only)
  • "BO" (base machined only with mounting holes and locating description and overall height finish with lift holes)
  • "BS" (plain machining complete)
  • "D" (dedicated machining)

3. Material: Cast Iron, Aluminum, or Steel

4. Machining Specification

All tombstones are made to fit your machining center either by edge locating or with hardened and ground wear pads, center locating, or just plain mounting holes to your specifications.

We can provide plain faces, hole grid patterns with precision bushings and threaded inserts, precision T-slots, or any machining to your specifications. All configurations are available in standard or precision. All tombstones and plates are stress relieved. We also specialize in hydraulic/pneumatic or manual dedicated fixturing. We at Advanced Machine & Engineering have a complete team of engineers to design and build whatever type of fixture you might need.

Approval drawings are provided before manufacturing. CMM report is available upon request.




Flatness (Tombstones & Plates) 


Parallelism (Plates)

  Max. .002 Total


  Min. .001, Max. .002/48

Surface Finish

63 RMS

Face Thickness

“≤18”” = ±.001, >18”” = ±.002”

Tapped Holes (non accumulative)


Bore Diameter


Precision Bushing I.D. 

 - 0

Precision Bushing Concentricity



Bored or Precision Bushing
 Hole to Adjacent Hole



First Row Bushing Hole
 Location from Datums


Bored or Precision Bushing
 Hole Spacing (non accumulative)

0-10 ±.0005
  10-20 ±.0008 
  20-30 ±.001
  30-40 ±.0012
NOTE: For Aluminum add 50% to these tolerances. 


AMROK Tombstone Catalog

AMROK-Tombstones & Plates Catalog

PDF Catalog 1.13MB



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