SPIETH Clamping Nuts for high speed spindles

SPIETH Clamping Nuts

Clamping Nuts by SPIETH

High Degree of Efficiency, Minimal Tightening Torque

  • High durability

  • High degree of axial pretension safely achievable

  • Application possible on highspeed spindles



Eliminates the Cause for Poor Efficiency of Conventional Nuts

During the clamping process (tightening the clamping screw), no movement takes place at the end face and at the main thread of the clamping nut. This precludes the possibility of friction loss, and so eliminates the cause for the poor efficiency of conventional nuts.

Only the clamping screw with its relatively small movement thread and the ball bearing supports take some sliding movements. This results in a higher system efficiency. Combined with the double clamping force ratio permits reliable, userfriendly application of the clamping force.



The complete mechanical structure of the clamping nut guarantees a long durability and a high insensitivity to the influences of temperature.

  • Designed with only mechanical components
  • High degree of efficiency, minimal tightening torque
  • Simple actuation
  • Capable of withstanding dynamic loads


SPIETH Clamping Nuts Catalog

SPIETH Clamping Nuts

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