SPIETH Clamping Sleeves: Backlash Free Shrink-fit Connection

SPIETH Clamping Sleeves

Clamping Sleeves by SPIETH

Backlash Free Transmission

  • Keyless shrink fit connections

  • Shaft to hub connection

  • Reliable and affordable



High Performance Connections with SPIETH

The need for reliable, dynamic, stress-resistant shaft-hub connections in modern machinery is increasing. Accuracy, simplicity of design, reliability and low cost are some of the most desirable features.

The connections must allow for easy assembly, orientation, positioning and disassembly of precision machine components without loss of accuracy and reliability. Balancing for high-speed applications should not be required. Such high performance connections can be achieved with SPIETH Clamping Sleeves.


SPIETH Clamping Sleeves eliminate the need for expensive machining operations such as shaft and hub keyways, splines, shoulders and bolt holes by creating an instant "shrink-fit" connection. When unclamped, however, they will return to their original slide-fit condition for easy disassembly.

Flexibility is maintained even after frequent clamping and unclamping without affecting accuracy and reliability.


Even stress distribution over the entire circumference of the sleeve and mating parts is achieved, preventing fatigue failure through complete elimination of stress concentration (typically found in keyways or splines).

SPIETH Clamping Sleeves have a simple, one-piece construction compared to other clamping components and usually do not require balancing. Installation in any assembly position is made easy.

Infinite timing and synchronization of gears and cams is possible. Maximum torque is transmitted bidirectionally with high concentricity and stiffness without backlash.

Type DS and DM Clamping Sleeves lock axially in any position on the shaft, eliminating the need for shoulders, retaining rings, shaft and housing spacers. Types DS and DM also permit minor adjustments to improve concentricity between mating parts by selectively tightening the clamping screws.




SPIETH Clamping Sleeves are cylindrical, roto-symmetrical components with a series of predetermined internal and external grooves. When axially compressed. a toggle action develops radial amplified forces creating a highly concentric shrink-fit between shaft, sleeve and hub (Fig. 1).

Neither the shaft, nor the hub are exposed to keyway stress concentrations allowing for higher torque transmission. The shrink-fit connection guarantees backlash free transmission.The pieces can be easily assembled when the sleeves are axially relaxed (Fig. 2).When the clamping screws are tightened, the sleeves create a shrink-fit between I.D. and O.D. surfaces (Fig. 3).When axial forces are relaxed again, the clamping sleeve establishes its original shape, allowing for easy disassembly (Fig. 4).Mating components are simple cylindrical shafts and bores requiring no keyways, splines or special hand fitting.


SPIETH Keyless Clamping Sleeves are simple, accurate, reliable, and removable connectors for pulleys, gears, cams, sprockets, and flywheels on motor shafts, spindles, axles or pins.Type DS Clamping Sleeves are very economical connections because shoulders, bolt holes, retainers or clamping nuts, are not required (see Fig. 5). If clamping of the sleeve is initiated by a retainer fastened to the housing, Type AD Clamping Sleeves should be used (see Fig. 6). If clamping is initiated by a retainer or nut fastened to the shaft, use Type ID Clamping Sleeves (see Fig. 7).


SPIETH Clamping Sleeves are produced from hardened spring steel. The outside diameter is machined to ISO tolerance h5. The inside bore slides to fit over shaft ends as defined by DIN 748 (k6/m6) for metric DSM sleeves. All other sleeves are ground to H6 inside diameter tolerance. The maximum bore/outside diameter concentricity error is .0004"/0.01 mm (tighter tolerances are available upon request). The built-in clamping screws are high grade socket head cap screws.


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Fig. 5
DSK-DSL with

Fig. 6
Type AD Clamping Sleeves
actuated by a retainer on
the housing

  Fig. 7
  Type ID
  Clamping Sleeve
  Actuated by a
  retainer on
  the shaft


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