SPIETH Hydraulic Sleeves for Guiding and Clamping Machine Components

SPIETH Hydraulic Sleeves

Hydraulic Sleeves by SPIETH

Simple Solution to Automatic Guiding and Clamping Applications

  • Can be adjusted to obtain the most suitable guide clearance

  • Clamp the mating components axially in any position without complicated support mechanisms




SPIETH Hydraulic Guiding and Clamping Sleeves guide and automatically clamp machine components such as quills, guide bars, clamp and support posts on automatic mechanisms and machines. The standard series has been designed for reciprocating motions. Upon request, we also furnish special guiding and clamping sleeves for both reciprocating and rotary motions.


SPIETH Hydraulic Guiding and Clamping Sleeves are made of alloy steel, are hardened and precision ground. Standard concentricity is within .005". for extreme precision requirements, concentricity of .0002" is also available. The unique design of the sleeves incorporates the hydrodynamic principle of lubrication; thus, when reciprocating the guide bar, the lubricant is wedged between the guide surfaces, creating a lubricant film and avoiding metal-to-metal contact. Wear on the mating guide surfaces is minimized and special lining is normally not required. For applications with little or no lubrication, SPIETH Guiding and Clamping Sleeves may be lined with bronze or plastic.

More advantages
  • Clamp rigidly on the entire circumference of the inside and outside diameter, across keyways, racks, splines
  • Maintain accurate location and concentricity between clamping and unclamping cycles
  • Relax to their original set guide clearance at zero hydraulic pressure
  • Compensate for slight out-of-roundness of mating components
  • Hold high axial thrust, radial load and torque with a high degree of concentricity and stiffness
  • Can be adjusted to compensate for wear
  • Can be applied for automatic guide clearance variation by changing hydraulic pressure
  • Normal guide clearance for drilling, tapping, counterboring and reaming
  • Reduced guide clearance for boring and bumpfacing
  • Zero guide clearance in clamping mode for milling or facing


SPIETH Hydraulic Sleeves Catalog

SPIETH Hydraulic Sleeves

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