Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing by AME

Design and Engineering, including reverse-engineering

  • Complete turnkey product manufacturing, including assembly

  • High precision grinding

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Full-Service Expertise

AME provides design engineering, designing tools and workholding solutions that increase the capabilities and efficiency of your company's manufacturing programs.

Advanced Machine and Engineering has been providing high-quality contract machining services since 1966. We are specialists in cost effective complex machining for low volume and single item production. We can design, manufacture, assemble, and test your product to your specification.

Our services also include:
  • Multi-side machining center of complex parts
  • Precision gaging and tool development
  • Performance Testing and inspection
  • Detailed quality/spec documentation for ISO
Engineering Solutions

We can reverse-engineer, re-manufacture, or rebuild your machine tools. We provide both engineering and machining to repair, extend the life of, or upgrade your machines and machine components.

Manufacturing Processes

We develop manufacturing processes that decrease cost and improve reliability and scheduling for build-to-print applications and design projects.

We produce complex, small run parts and single parts efficiently, using in-line processing that integrates quality control processes with machining steps. Our machinists are trained in the inspection processes needed to assure the accuracy and quality of every part produced.

Turnkey Solutions

Anything we manufacture we can assemble, from smaller subcomponents to complete, turnkey systems. We provide complete performance testing, developing and conducting test programs that verify the performance of the component or system we build for you.

Quality Management

Our Quality Management System, an integral part of our processing, is uncompromising. Each important production step is monitored so that quality is built in rather than added on. AME is ISO 9001 registered.

Skilled Personnel

Manufacturing engineers at AME possess 80+ years combined manufacturing processing experience. This experience, along with additional knowledge in precision machine tool building, heat treating, and metallurgy brings an enormous wealth of experience that are applied to manufacturing your product.

Our machinists are not just machine operators. They are skilled craftsmen with the ability to program, set-up, and manufacture complicated machined parts.

The grinding department is staffed with highly experienced craftsmen. Roundness and run-out tolerances of spindle shafts are held to as little as .00008".


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