Inspection Services

Inspection Services


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Inspection Services by AME

Professional Inspection of Your Parts

  • Assistance in developing manufacturing/inspection plans

  • Certified dimensional reports



Inspection as you need it

If your machine shop is manufacturing components that require dimensional inspection beyond the capability of your inspection resources, or you are pursuing such a contract, contact AME. We can assist you in developing manufacturing/inspection plans for your projects, and provide certified dimensional reports during and after the manufacturing process.

When we are asked to provide inspection capability to support another manufacturer's machining program, we respect the fact that the customer is their customer, and not ours.

The Axiam Roundness Checker

Used to inspect roundness, concentricity and runout of cylindrical parts, including inside and outside diameters. Run-out (flatness and perpendicularity) of surfaces adjacent to the cylindrical features can also be inspected. Depending on part configuration, parts as long as 36 in length and up to 20 in diameter can be measured.

Part attributes can be measured to a precision of .000010, depending on surface finish of the part measured. Weight capacity is 600 lbs.

Large Capacity Coordinate Measuring Machines

 These inspection resources include three coordinate measuring machines located in a climate-controlled room: 

  • DEA Model 3408 CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine 200 x 80 x 54, stated measurement accuracy is 0.0001-inch linear, and 0.0008-inch volumetric 
  • DEA Model 1204 CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine 72 x 38 x 54, stated measurement accuracy is to 0.0001-inch linear, and 0.0004-inch volumetric 
  • BROWN & SHARPE Coordinate Measuring Machine Inspection envelope, 16-1/4 x 14 x 12
  • BROWN & SHARPE Electronic Digital Height Gauge 
  • J & L Optical Comparator 
  • WILSON Rockwell Tester 
  • SUNSTRAND Test Centers 50" Maximum, center-to-center 
  • Tool Setters
     CADILLAC Height gauges, up to 24" 
     Micrometers, up to 28"
     Bore Gauges, up to 42"
     Calipers, up to 60"


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