Vibrational Analysis - Detecting and Identify Problems Early

Vibrational Analysis


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Brand New Product!

Introducing an Innovative and Inexpensive way to perform Vibrational Analysis utilizing an Apple iPad and our Custom Designed Analysis Software.


Common Causes of Vibration

  • Imbalance
  • Misalignment / Shaft Runout
  • Wear
  • Looseness
  • Bearings and Gearmesh


  • 10% of the cost of traditional Vibration Analysis System
  • Lightweight and easy to carry in custom case
  • Additional functionality of Apple’s iPad included
  • Connect to internet with WiFi or through the AT&T or Verizon 3G data networks*
  • 1 touch email of readings to off-site experts


  • Apple iPad2
  • External Accelerometer
  • SPINDLE SCOPE iPad application for vibration analysis
  • Custom carrying case that protects your device and 
makes it easy to use

Why use vibration analysis?

Predictive maintenance involves the trending and analysis of machinery performance parameters to detect and identify developing problems before failure and extensive damage can occur.  If problems can be detected early, when defects are minor and do not affect performance, and if the nature of the problem can be identified while the machine runs:

  1. Shutdown for repairs can be scheduled for a
    convenient time.
  2. A work schedule, together with the requirements
    for personnel, tools and replacement parts can be
    prepared before the shutdown.
  3. Extensive damage to the machine resulting from
    forced failure can be avoided.
  4. Repair time can be kept to a minimum
  5. Machines in good operating condition can continue
    to run as long as no problems develop.


Conduct vibration readings right from Apple’s iPad. 

The Apple iPad, using the application SPINDLESCOPE allows the user to take readings and leverage the powerful platform of the iPad. With one touch, vibrational reading can be collected and then emailed for a real time analysis by an off site expert. 

Graphical readings can be saved for later comparison and analysis of data.

Complete System Includes:
  • 16 GB IPAD WITH 4G CAPABILITY (includes all native iPad applications)
  • Oil/Water Resistant Case
  • Analog to Digital Converter Box (mounted to case)
  • SPINDLESCOPE Software Aplication
  • Full FFT signature graph from 0 to 20khz or 0 to 1.2 million CPM
  • Measuring in Acceleration (Gs) or Velocity (in/sec)
  • Full listing of top ten frequencies in order of highest amplitude (velocity and acceleration)
  • Data Save function - .txt File, and .csv File.
  • Settings functions for: Axis scales, cursor options, spectrum data on/off and background color
  • Internal/external accelerometer switch
  • Wireless transmission of data captured
  • Spectrum options - 7 data windows, 3 averaging choices and frequency resolution 1hz to 50hz



Accelerometer with Cabling

InCheck miniature sensors use MEMS microchip sensing elements sealed in a rugged casing for industrial use. Unlike traditional piezoelectric accelerometers, MEMS sensors can be directly interfaced with standard ADCs without the need for analog signal conditioning.

The MEMS sensing elements have stable characteristics over time and a range of temperatures, eliminating the need for field calibration and allowing for precise measurements. The sensitivity of accelerometers varies within a tight range of ±2%. Such accuracy in not achievable with piezoelectric accelerometers.

The low power requirements make it possible to incorporate an optional precision temperature sensing element within the sensor body, creating a dual sensor. The temperature output is linear with an accuracy of ±1°C at 25°C

Since the sensors do not require field calibration and can withstand wide temperature fluctuation (-40 to +125°C) it is easy to have them permanently installed.




Vibration Analysis System

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