SITEMA Press Safety: Safety Catchers, Safety Brakes, Safety Locks

SITEMA Press Safety


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Reliable Gravity Fall Prevention

  • Provides higher productivity

  • No ratchet needed

  • Infinitely variable connection

  • SITEMA – the safety catcher specialist




According to the prevailing accident prevention rules, hydraulic presses above a certain size must be equipped with a special safety device. They must have a mechanical unit that prevents the lowering of the slide due to hydraulic failure in a power-off situation.

Conventional devices fitted to hydraulic presses such as locking bolts or latches often operate only at the top or at a few more positions. Consequently, for safety reasons, the slide often has to cover the full stroke, although the actual production process requires only a smaller opening-stroke.


Furthermore, form-fitting systems have a safety gap in cases of power failure or emergency stop because during the movement (except at the few latch positions) no locking is possible.

SITEMA safety catchers offer a way to avoid these obvious disadvantages and therefore have been widely and successfully used for many years. These safety catchers prevent the load from crashing down at any stage of ascent; mechanically safe and absolutely reliable without a ratchet.

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