SITEMA Press Safety Catchers: Ratchetless Self-Intensifying Clamp

SITEMA Safety Catchers


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SITEMA Safety Catchers - self-intesifying clamp

A Safety Level that is Unsurpassed by any Technological Alternative

  • Ratchetless

  • Self-intensifying clamp



Hydraulic or Pneumatic Safety Catchers

Safety Catchers are used where personal protection and accident prevention must be provided against failure of lifting members in an area where loads or tools are raised. Protection is needed if a hydraulic or pneumatic pressure system fails, for example, or if a rope, chain, belt, or toothed drive breaks.

The SITEMA Safety Catcher will prevent the load from crashing down at any position of ascent. SITEMA Safety Catchers are ratchetless, mechanically safe and absolutely reliable. Because of its "self-intensifying clamp" operating principle, a safety level is achieved that is unsurpassed by any technological alternative.

More Highlights
  • Single-acting
  • Mechanically safe
  • Clamping by lowering the load approx 10 mm
  • Release by pressure and simultaneously upward movement of the load
  • Overload admissible, rod will slip
  • Officially approved for use in presses and lifting gear
  • Absolutely Reliable

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More Benefits

This high safety standard in combination with improvements in productivity is achieved through the following characteristics:

  • The load is supported by a non-positive connection directly on the cylinder rod or on a separate holding shaft.
  • The SITEMA safety catcher will clamp without a ratchet, so a safe clamping condition is attained through the entire stroke. Furthermore, a productivity increase is offered as the actual stroke can be limited to the length that is absolutely necessary.

  • The clamping system is held open by hydraulic or pneumatic means. When pressure drops, the load is immediately secured.

  • The energy of the falling or sinking load itself is used to generate the damping force. This in fact only happens if the load starts to move downward from the secured position (when the safety catcher is without pressure). In this case the load will be securely stopped after falling a few millimeters with help of the self-intensifying clamping movement.

  • Braking operations from any speed level are no problem. Usually a deceleration of 1 to 3 g (acceleration due to gravity) is achieved. The resulting braking distance is not more than a few centimeters.


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