AMFLEX Modular Workholding

AMFLEX Modular Workholding


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AMFLEX Modular Workholding by AME

Stress Free Clamping

  • Works on AMROK Tombstones & Plates

  • Engineered on a precision 2 inch grid base

  • Ball elements S.A.F.E.

New! Dovetail Vise



Modular Workholding Components

AMFLEX® modular workholding components are designed to fit standard tombstones and grid bases but may be utilized with other traditional workholding systems. The components are designed for optimal clamping of a wide variety of parts and can by used on a variety of machine tools. Please call for our sales staff to see how they can benefit your manufacturing process.


Self-Aligning Fixture Elements – S.A.F.E Ball Elements

Ball elements are the heart of our AMFLEX modular workholding components. By incorporating a self-aligning ball mechanism in our clamps, part distortion due to clamping is virtually eliminated.


Ball Elements

S.A.F.E Ball Elements
  • Align themselves to the contour of the workpiece
  • Guarantees flexible positioning and stress-free clamping
  • Distortion practically eliminated

Our AMFLEX Modular workholding components use ball pads to support the workpiece and are in that way designed for optimal clamping of parts with the least possible distortion. The ball pads are flexible and align themselves to the contour of the workpiece. The clamping bars also have ball pads; therefore, distortion of the part is practically eliminated. When properly applied, the AMFLEX system guarantees flexible positioning and stress-free clamping, as shown in the illustration.



The AMFLEX Modular Workholding System offers four sizes that differ by the diameter of the ball and the overall size of the units. Ball elements are available with either a smooth or serrated surface and are available as either precision fixed or adjustable components.


Ball elements used as supporting units hold precision heights of +/- .0005" on smooth balls and semi-precision heights of +/- .005" for serrated balls.


SAFE Ball Elements Graphic


AMFLEX - Modular Workholding Catalog

PDF Catalog 4.3MB

Complete 80 Page Catalog




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