5th Axis Dovetail Fixtures

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5th Axis Dovetail Fixtures 

Stable, Repeatable, and Accessible Clamping

Locating Pin for Accuracy and Repeatability.

The precision locating pin ensures your part is centered in the fixture so the stock cannot be forced out of the fixture during machining.

Mechanically Locked.

Dovetails provide equal in and down force so that your parts are held more stable than any other workholding method. With minimal torque required, it's perfect for compact workholding holding with high repeatability with precision.

Fast and Simple Setup

Dovetails provide a quick, simple machining operation that prepares your stock for our dovetail fixtures and vises.The quick set up is paired with unmatched holding power and precision for your matching process.
5th Axis Standardized CNC Workholding Setup

Efficient Material Use.

Dovetailing reduces the material needed vs traditional clamping methods. You waste less stock and reduce part deformation from excessive torque. Dovetails spread clamping force evenly through the part and use downforce instead of lateral pressure.

5th Axis Workholding Pallet System

Hold Any Material

5th axis has the capability to hold the majority of materials on the market - from graphite to high temp alloys.

Dovetail Fixtures (metric)


Dovetail Fixtures (inch)


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