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air gages


  • Fast, extremely accurate measurements
  • Probes down to 0.6mm (0.024”)
  • Check for geometrical callouts, part classification, and matching applications
  • Typically offered with 2 air jets positioned 180° apart, they can also be made with 3, 4, or 6 jets depending on the application
  • Master setting rings and discs are offered in X, XX, and XXX classes
  • Available in steel, chrome, or carbide
  • HSK, CAT, KM, BT, Big Plus, Morse, Jacob, ER collet, and many other tapers - including custom - are available

  • HSK-gage-and-ring

    HSK Gages

  • CAT-gage-and-ring

    CAT Gages

  • Air_Gages_-_Medical_Gages

    Medical Gages
    (Bone Screws - Hip Stems)

Air Gages

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