How to Replace AMLOK's RCH Hydraulic Rod Lock Seals | Tutorial

This video and step-by-step guide shows how to replace the seals in an RCH Hydraulic Rod Lock unit from AMLOK.

  1. Start by pressing the retainer down and removing the snap ring—or bolts on larger units. DANGER: There is a high spring force present—proceed with caution.

  2. Remove the retainer and disc springs—in some units there is also a spacer, which should also be removed..

  3. In the collet there are eight (8) springs—some units will have pins as well. Do not lose these parts or damage them, they are not supplied with the seal kit.

  4. Remove any plugs in the unit to help reduce the vacuum when removing the piston. On a solid surface turn the unit upside down—this will aid in removing the piston and collet.

  5. With all of the components removed from the housing, carefully remove the seals from the piston and housing. Pay attention to seal orientation for assembly purposes later.

  6. Clean all of the parts and remove the wear band and wiper.

  7. Coat the u-rings with a little mineral oil and install seals in the piston and housing—remember to maintain the correct orientation.

  8. Place collet and piston assembly in the housing. Using a small arbor press, apply pressure to the piston in order to properly seat it in the housing.

  9. Insert the small springs and in some units the pins in the collet.

  10. Install the spacer and disc springs—alternate them between face up and down.

  11. Set the retainer on top and install the wear band.

  12. Press the retainer down and install the snap ring—bolts for larger units.

  13. Install the wear band, wiper, and plug in the hosing.


You have now successfully replaced seals on an AMLOK RCH hydraulic rod lock unit. Remember, these are genuine parts, however, AME is not responsible for proper installation.



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