How to Be a More Efficient Manufacturer with Lean Manufacturing?

Dietmar Goellner - CEO at Advanced Machine and EngineeringThe continuing advancement of technology is increasing the pressure on manufacturers and how fast they can produce and deliver their goods at reasonable costs for their consumers. Companies need to be more efficient manufacturers with lean manufacturing and other methods to boost their productivity and maintain their competitiveness.

Advanced Machine & Engineering CEO, Dietmar Goellner, shares his tips on how to be a more efficient manufacturer to meet customer demand. Goellner emphasizes the importance of:

  • Understanding product and process development
  • Understanding manufacturing concepts such as 6 Sigma, Quick Response Manufacturing, and Lean Manufacturing
  • Understanding Voice of Customer
  • Understanding marketing for manufacturing

What challenges do you need to overcome to be a more efficient manufacturer? How are you boosting your productivity? Share your comments below or with us on Facebook.


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