How Robust Apprenticeships Drive Rockford Manufacturing Careers

 By: Meaghan Ziemba, Content Marketing Manager, AME Nick Roeling participated in AME’s robust apprenticeship program, learning the hands-on skills needed in machining. Now he works in Sales as the Fluid Power business unit manager.

Northwest Quarterly’s executive editor, Chris Linden, highlighted the importance of dedicated apprenticeship programs to Rockford manufacturing careers in his most recent article: Pathways to Prosperity: In Manufacturing, Apprenticeships Build Careers. He followed Advanced Machine & Engineering’s (AME) fluid power business unit manager, Nick Roeling on his pathway to prosperity, confirming how robust apprenticeships drive successful.


Engaging Manufacturing Knowledge to Find Solutions

Roeling started his manufacturing career right out of high school on an assembly team. The apprenticeship program equipped him with hands-on skills in every major area of machining while he took classes at Rock Valley College. The program gave him the confidence to prosper in manufacturing.

Today, Roeling engages his manufacturing knowledge and expertise to help find solutions for AME customer needs.


Driving Successful Career Opportunities with Hands-On Learning

There are several ways hands-on learning drives successful manufacturing career opportunities, especially in the Rockford area. Hands-on learning environments equip students with the appropriate skills that make them confident in the trade, allowing them to prosper in areas of problem solving and industry knowledge. They also provide students with the “soft skills” of good work ethic, empathy, and positive attitude.   


Students involved with hands-on apprenticeship programs are introduced to a large manufacturing network in which they can refer to upon graduation. Such a network allows them to prosper well beyond the Rockford area if desired.     


Hands-on apprenticeships engage the entire industry in the design and deployment of career-related education and training. Funding the right organizations and educational institutions helps attract more students that are needed for tomorrow’s workforce. Engaging students and getting them excited about manufacturing boost manufacturing and the overall economy across the nation.


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