RoboJob - Discover CNC Automation

RoboJob - Discover CNC Automation


AME is excited to partner with RoboJob-USA for their October open house event -  Discover CNC Automation. Join in on our discussion of today’s challenges in manufacturing and how CNC automation can benefit your machine shop floor. You will also get to experience a live demonstration of RoboJob-USA’s robots in action after just 5 minutes of programming.


March 15, 2022

Three 2-hour sessions are available between 8 am - 2 pm

6951 High Grove Blvd, Burr Ridge, IL


Register for your 2-hour session today!
Seating is limited to 25-30 people per session.



RoboJob-USA is an alliance between RoboJob NV and Fusion OEM focusing on the integration of robotic, automated CNC machine tending solutions. The event will include a presentation, tour, and live demonstration geared toward manufacturing professionals interested in today’s challenges such as JIT production, the war on talent, unpredictable demand, and CNC automation.


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