Chain and Cable

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Chain and Cable

Cable and Chain

Sometimes you have to clamp on a part with a unique surface, and you don’t want to miss a ship date by trying to find the best clamping solution.


We understand that some parts are round or abnormally shaped, that’s why we created the chain and cable clamping system, 


Find out if AMROK’s chain and cable clamp system works for your application here. Stop searching, start machining.


Note: Sold as a single unit. Two units are needed to make a full set. Custom sizes available upon request.


  • Used to clamp round parts
  • Chain or cable options
  • Chain is schedule 60, available in adjustable, 3/4" increments and comes with connecting links
  • Cable s 3/8" diameter, avalable in 5' and 10' lengths and comes with connecting ends
    (Call for details on cables)


Custom sizes available upon request

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