Concentric OD Workholding Clamps

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Concentric OD Clamps 

Concentric OD Clamps

Mitee-Bite Products just completed the design and development of a new style Concentric Outside Diameter (OD) clamping tool. Repeats within tenths, compact for high density application and tough enough to limit yourself to tooling capabilities. This Patent Pending design can be machined, to hold any shape, completely through clamp (“F” bottom chart) and fixture plate as well as gripping workpiece above compression nut. 15° incremental laser engraved indicators on large cap (22.5° on small cap) for applying repeatable torque without torque wrench and for applying preload (15° – 45°) when machining clamps to actual workpiece dimensions. Limited only by your imagination!


(+.000 / -.002)
FG†HI*JMax. Holding
37100 CAD #1 1.400 .900 .183 .500 .940 .750 .100 6-32 (M3) on 1.14″ (28.95mm) BHC .275″ (7mm) Deep .100 .625
37200 CAD #2 1.900 1.275 .200 .625 2.200 1.95 .200 10-32 (M5) on 2.51″ (63.75mm) BHC .475″ (12mm) Deep .100 1.800

NOTE: (12) Mounting Screws included (inch and metric)

G† – Minimum holding diameter

I* – Minimum tap depth


Concentric OD ClampsDrawing


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