BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machines

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BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machines (TIBO)

BTA Drilling Capabilities

  • Solid drilling to Ø 250 mm
  • Counter-boring to Ø 400 mm
  • Drill depths to 12,000 mm*

BTA deep hole drilling machines from TIBO provide the optimum method for larger drill diameters of 18mm to 250mm solid drilling (up to 400mm counter-boring) and drill depths of up to 12,000mm.

TIBO BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machine B250-8000

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With the BTA method, the coolant is introduced and removed and the chips are transported away in exactly the opposite way to the gundrilling method: Thanks to the larger diameter of the BTA drill, here it is possible to reliably and continuously remove the chips through the tool's interior. The coolant on the other hand is introduced from the outside and under pressure through the annular gap between the bore hole and the drill by means of a coolant pressure head (BOZA).

System BTAB80B125B160B250
  tibo B80 Drilling Machines tibo B125 Drilling Machines tibo B160 Drilling Machines tibo B250 Drilling Machines
Drilling Ø mm 10 - 80*/** 25 - 125** 25 - 160** 50 - 250
Counter-drilling Ø max mm 100 200 250 400
Drill depth max. mm 4,500 12,000 12,000 12,000
Workpiece Ø max. mm 500 630 630 825
Torque Nm 600 bei n=140-1 2,000 bei n=180-1 4,000 bei n=90-1 7,500 bei n=90-1
*A gundrilling kit for quick conversion is also available
** Also available in two-spindle configuration, on request

Ejector Drilling Method

A variant of this is the ejector drilling method in which the deep drilling oil is supplied through an annular chamber between the drill tube and an internal tube. The cooling lubricant exits at the side of the drilling head, flows around it, and flows back with the chips in the internal tube. At the same time, some of the cooling lubricant is supplied into the internal tube via a ring nozzle. The resulting vacuum at the chip mouth allows the return flow (ejector effect).

TIBO BTA deep hole drilling machines are also available as single-spindle or multi-spindle versions. By selecting different gearboxes and depending on the drilling task, different drive variants can be realized, thus always achieve optimum cutting performance.

The modular design and extensive optional accessories allow additional machining methods such as skiving, roller burnishing, pull boring, and bottle boring. Proven components and state-of-the-art tools guarantee highly precise drilling results.

*Drilling depths in excess of 12,000mm are possible as a special configuration at the customer's request

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BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machines (TIBO)

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