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Dovetail Vises

dovetail vise

Dovetail Vises for Workholding

There is a constant need to increase your bottom line, which is why the dovetail vise is designed to provide efficient 5-face machining and to lower scrap costs.

How it works:

1. Place the vise on your standard 2-inch grid.

2. Insert two precision locating screws and align the vise.

3. Start Machining!

Find out if AMROK’s dovetail vise works for your application here. Stop searching, start machining.


  • Two precision bushing holes (.5007/.5013) allow for quick and easy precision location of vise.
  • Two precision dowel screws AMF-87996 are used to locate vise on 2” grid systems (included)
  • 1/2”-13 SHCS used to mount vise on 2” grid systems (included)
  • Designed for holding pre-machined parts on 15° angle
  • 50mm M12 precision dowel screws with 50mm dovetail grids also available

*Metric locating and mounting holes available upon request.

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