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Oil & gas

» Gundrilling machines
» BTA deep hole drilling machines

Whether it's drill collars, drillpipes, or submersible pumps – TIBO deep hole drilling machines will allow high-precision drilling operations with minimal runout in alloys typical for the application such as nickel steels, and come with additional features specially developed for the task; for example, chip breakage monitoring for reliable cutting which is integrated as standard.



» BTA deep hole drilling machines

In the manufacture of ships' rotor shafts in particular but also in the case of numerous components for pumps and powertrains, the field of shipbuilding involves challenging deep hole drilling tasks that can be done with great precision, reliably, and efficiently with TIBO deep hole drilling machines.


Medical Technology

» Gundrilling machines
» GTibo 662 Bone Screws Dia. 3.3mm Video

Medical implants such as bone nails, medullary nails, bone screws, or stents, most of which are made of titanium or stainless steel alloys, require maximum-precision deep hole drilling with minimum runout. Parts with very thin walls are exactly those that present a real challenge, but that can also be brilliantly and reliably overcome with TIBO deep hole drilling machines.


Automotive & Vehicle Construction

» Gundrilling machines
» BTA deep hole drilling machines

Camshafts, crankshafts, transmission shafts, drive shafts, flanged shafts, injection nozzle bodies, fuel rails, valves, con-rods, or piston pins – there's hardly any other industry in which so many deep hole drilling applications are encountered. This is in addition to large quantities and maximum output in the shortest possible time. TIBO deep hole drilling machines deliver solutions here that are as precise as they are efficient: Consequently, when through-holes are present – for example, in camshafts and common rails – it is also possible to drill simultaneously from two sides. All over the world, our customers rely here on deep hole drilling machines that have been specially developed for this task with designs that incorporate up to 12 spindles – including fully automated part handling by, for example, synchronized chains, overhead gantries, and robot loading. This allows cycle times that are almost 50 per cent quicker!



» BTA deep hole drilling machines

Components such as landing gear, turbine shafts, and refuelling pipes, often made of titanium, tempered steels or special alloys such as Inconel, require extremely precise drilling. The material-saving construction processes that are normal in aircraft production also often require deep hole drilling contours for this, with different hole diameters as the drilling depth increases. TIBO deep hole drilling machines of the BTA series are used for this, which are able to produce all desired internal contours through what is known as bottle boring.


Hydraulics/Pneumatic Components

» BTA deep hole drilling machines

In earth-moving machines such as dump trucks and dredgers, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder tubes must work reliably over long periods and under the most difficult conditions. Precise dimensional accuracy and top surface quality on the cylinder tubes are therefore absolutely essential. Besides making precise deep bores in cylinder tubes, TIBO deep hole drilling machines are also suitable for skiving and roller burnishing the drilled tubes (also in double or triple combinations). Automated loading and unloading equipment, as well as automated tool-changing devices, make our BTA series deep hole drilling machines the ideal solution for economical and precise series production.


Semi-Finished Products

» Gundrilling machines
» BTA deep hole drilling machines

In the manufacture of semi-finished products, deep hole drilling technology plays an important role particularly in the making of steel billets: These serve as the starting material for manufacturing; for example, seamless pipes from stainless and acid-resistant steels in many different designs. Here, deep bores in the steel billets are crucial when it comes to being able to perform the subsequent extrusion process. TIBO deep hole drilling machines impress here with greater cutting performance combined with maximum feed rates for large quantities.


Renewable Energies

» Gundrilling machines
» BTA deep hole drilling machines

Typical deep hole drilling applications in the field of renewable energies are turbine shafts or rotors for wind power systems. With regard to component dimensions, there is a need here for customised, high-precision deep hole drilling solutions. Thanks to the varied combination possibilities, our modular system allows the right solutions to be found here for any application.


Die & Mold Making

» Cross table machines

At the manufacturing of moulds, mould frames, and mould inserts for the die and mould industry, cooling holes are already very important and will play a major role in the future. Typical, these cooling holes are deeper than 40 x diameter, therefore, using a standard milling center will not be successful to reach the drilling depth. TIBO convinces with a new development of the cross table series KTE with a deep hole drilling depth up to 1.000mm, maximum cutting capacity, process stability through customized pressure and power monitoring, performance, stability, high-precision, and minimal run out.


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