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The engineers at AME design and manufacture custom workholding fixtures for clients’ specific needs. Our staff supports product development from start to finish to ensure the final fixture is top-tier and integrated seamlessly into a client’s manufacturing pipeline. Recently, AME engineers partnered with a client to create a turnkey fixturing solution for their unique torched parts.



Our client, a producer of warehouse material handling devices, was in need of a manual solution for machining their asymmetrical curved parts. The pieces are saw-cut, so any fixture would need to account for and secure these parts despite any slight variations. In order to utilize their new multi-palette horizontal machining center (HMC), this client required a new fixturing setup that would improve their parts per cycle.


Manual Filtering SolutionTHE PRODUCT

The engineers at AME created a fixturing solution with a tombstone and four fixturing panels attached. The tombstone space is maximized with five rows of clamps featuring Triag serrated buttons. These buttons can pivot 360 degrees to conform to the surface of the part despite any imperfections. With multiple points of impact, the fixture can hold the part in place while two holes are milled into it.

This piece was also developed with the machine operator in mind. To reduce any user error, bumpers were included that force operators to load the parts correctly. 



This client’s tombstone-mounted fixturing setup was well-received and resulted in additional AME engineering projects. It was designed to provide a seamless user experience and improve efficiency. Customized to fit their exact needs, it is a much more appropriate solution than their previous fixture and is currently in use at their shop.

Engineering Easy-to-use Manual Fixturing Solutions