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Workpiece clamping in confined spaces.

The spring-mounted KSF Plus clamping blocks are spring-activated—opened pneumatically with 6  bar, and clamped via the integrated spring assemblies. The design can only be used for OD clamping, however, is optimized for tight spaces. Due to the clamping block’s design, they enable machining as many sides of the workpiece as possible, improving throughput and minimizing setups.

Workpieces can be gripped centrically or against a fixed jaw. KSF plus clamping blocks offer immense clamping forces and high rigidity, ensuring long life and reliable clamping.

  • Precision wedge hook clamping force block for top-quality demands

  • Low-profile design ensures maximum use of machining envelope

  • Cube design optimized for side access—ideal for 6-sided machining with 2 setups on 4-axis machines

  • High efficiency of the wedge hook system

  • Optimized lubrication system ensures consistently high clamping forces

  • Base jaws with tongue and groove, or fine serration, are standard—other options available

  • Optimal jaw support due to the use of a very long base jaw guidance

  • All functional parts are hardened and ground to ensure long life


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