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Modular designed machine vise

The power-amplified, single-acting KONTEC KSG clamping system is a modular vise with an infinitely adjustable clamping force. Workpieces are clamped within seconds with its levered quick clamping, which also prevents a bending of the base body. Due to the VERO-S interface, the KSG clamping vise offers a range of versatile combination options with SCHUNKs extensive VERO-S modular system.

  • Spindle drive is adjustable without tools

  • Enclosed force transmission box—No maintenance required

  • Easy, quick, and secure workpiece clamping

  • Continuous clamping force adjustment

  • Suitable for machining of finished as well as raw parts

  • Fast disassembly and cleaning

  • VERO-S interface—Versatile range of combinations due to the VERO-S modular system

  • Clamping by tensile force prevents the base body from bending

  • Standard jaw interface with comprehensive range of jaws




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