Locking Units


Clamping for machinery and plant components

Locking units are used primarily as functional clamps for precision locking, but also for preventing unwanted movement.

Series KFH, KFP, KB

  • Extensive standard range with numerous series for special applications including outdoor, cylinders, and machine tools.
  • DGUV and Lloyd’s approved series available
  • Both load directions
Locking Units

precision locking

Locking Units

locking unit design

The clamping system consists of a conical sleeve and a clamping ring with conical bore.

The sleeve is axially fixed in the housing, allowing only radial movement.The clamping ring is guided by the housing and forced over the sleeve in axial direction to clamp the unit.

The clamping force is generated by pressure or spring action and is intensified by means of conical surfaces.

In released condition, the clamping ring is pushed against the springs by the annular piston. A well-defined clearance ensures that the shaft can move without friction.

locking unit applications

SITEMA locking units are designed to be used in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Machine Tools
  • Linear Drives
  • Mobile Crushing Plant
  • Lathes
  • Steelworks
  • Automotive Assembly
  • Bending Presses
  • Welding Machines
  • Refinery Industry Automation
  • Suspension Bridges
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Locking Units