Long Length Machinable Uniforce® Clamps

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Long Length Machinable Uniforce® Clamps 

Long Length Machinable Uniforce® Clamps

Mitee-Bite products introduces the long length Uniforce® Clamp with machinable jaws. The long length clamping jaws give you greater versatility to machine the clamp to conform to the shape of your workpiece, enabling you to fixture difficult applications easily.

The specially designed steel wedge spreads the clamping force uniformly on both sides of the 7 1/2″ (190mm) long, 7075-T6 aluminum channel. One locking plate is recommended for each drive screw when machining the clamp to your specifications (sold separately). These clamps are available in our most popular sizes (see chart below). Custom clamps can be fabricated in different lengths to fit specific requirements. Channel and steel wedge are not drilled or plated.


Part No. ModelA*BCDEF+HITorque (N.m.)Max Holding Force (N.)
80051   500 Channel 28.6 12.7 190mm 10.67 6.3 4.6 M2 M4 3.40 2225
60052 CAD 500 Steel Slug NA NA 190mm NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
80071   750 Channel 38.1 19.1 190mm 16.05 9.4 6.6 M4 M6 14.30 6675
60072 CAD 750 Steel Slug NA NA 190mm NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
80101   1000 Channel 50.8 25.4 190mm 20.83 12.7 9.9 M4 M8 14.50 8900
60102 CAD 1000 Steel Slug NA NA 190mm NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
80151   1500 Channel 76.2 38.1 190mm 30.86 19.1 15.7 M5 M12 38.40 15575
60152 CAD 1500 Steel Slug NA NA 190mm NA NA NA NA NA NA NA

* The distance needed between workpieces for clamp clearance, drill and tap mounting holes on the center of “A” dimension.

F+ The amount of machinable stock on jaws.

** 4 mounting screws (H) and 3 drive screws (I) included.

Does not include plating or drilled holes


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