Machining & Configurations for Tooling Columns

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Alpha numeric grid pattern on cnc tombstone

AMROK® tombstones, tooling columns, and plates are manufactured to the highest precision and quality standards with our precision tolerances.

  • Inserts allow positioning and clamping in every hole with co-axial positioned bushings.
  • Assures high wear resistance and replaceability with hardened precision bushings.
  • Replacement bushings and insert kits with an extraction tool are offered if needed.


Flatness (tombstones & plates) .0005 / 12x12
Parallelism (plates) .0005 / 12  Max .002 total
Perpendicularity .0008 / 12  Min .001, Max .002/48
Surface Finish 63 RMS
Face Thickness ≤18” = ±.001, >18” = ±.002
Tapped Holes (non accumulative) ±.005
Precision Bushing I.D. -0 / +.0006
Precision Bushing Concentricity 0.0001
Bored or Precision Bushing Hole to Adjacent Hole ±.0005
First Row Bushing Hole Location from Datums ±.001, ±.002 (Epoxy Mineral tombstones)
Bored or Precision Bushing Hole Spacing (non accumulative) 0-10 ±.0005, 10-20 ±.0008, 20-30 ±.0010, 30-40 ±.0012
(for aluminum, add 50% to these tolerances)

Machining Options

  • Grid Tombstone pattern cnc


  • Plain Face Tombstone

    Plain Face

  • T-Slot Tombstone for machining


  • Custom Tombstone fixture for machining


Tolerance & Machining Options



For maximum flexibility, choose a precision grid. AMROK® grids are typically machined to the industry standard 2-inch spacing, but custom spacing is available upon request. Alpha-numeric labeling makes it easy to relocate fixturing components on the grid. Each hole features a hardened threaded insert beneath a precision bushing and can be used for both locating and mounting.

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Plain Face

Plain Face

For customers who prefer to machine the mounting and locating holes themselves, plain face AMROK® Tombstones are available with machined faces manufactured to precision tolerances for parallelism and perpendicularity within the tooling column.

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Have a custom requirement? AMROK® tombstones can be customized to individual specifications.

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