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High Density, Low-Profile Clamping

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Powerful Fixtures in a Small Package

The innovator of compact, low-profile edge clamps geared towards improving production and providing solutions for difficult workholding applications. Mitee-Bite prides themselves in producing a product that allows customers to improve their processes by simple means. Our engineers are here to assist with the design and development of new procedures involving Mitee-Bite products that are able to reduce idle spindle time and wasted man-hours, increase your efficiency and output, and become even more competitive in the global marketplace.



Mitee-Bite Systems

Uniforce Clamps

This compact, economical clamp enables you to fixture more parts on the machine table. The specially designed steel wedge spreads the clamping force uniformly on both sides of the 7075-T6 aluminum channel. Holds two parts with equilateral clamping action. Ideal for clamping flat or round work pieces

Pitbull Clamps

The lowest profile, highest holding force clamp in the industry today. Able to generate high vertical and horizontal clamping forces, despite their size. It uses a standard cap screw and an oil-resistant O-ring. Available in five sizes and several styles: a tool steel knife edge for aggressive stock removal, a tool steel blunt edge for general purpose, a brass version to help prevent marring the workpiece and a machinable version.

Dyna-Force Clamps

The majority of the clamp is below the surface of the fixture, providing excellent clamp support and an extremely low profile. The clamp jaw slides on an angle for positive downforce. Available with smooth or serrated faces. The support surface of the clamp can be installed flush with the fixture plate or raised to hold the workpiece off the fixture, enabling drill-through.

ID Xpansion Clamp

The ideal solution to hold parts on an inside diameter for high density machining on vertical or horizontal machining centers. It can also be used as an expanding mandrel on a lathe. These machinable clamps are produced in 12L14 steel with black oxide coating in 12 sizes and can hold internal diameters from under 3/16 to almost 10 inches (4.1 to 254mm). #10 manufactured using 7075-T6 aluminum. The flange diameter of the clamp is held to a close tolerance for precision locating in a machined pocket on work cubes and fixture plates. The customer machines the mild steel clamp to match the bore of the part ensuring a proper fit. Often times the clamps can be remachined for different size jobs. They are quickly tightened with a hex key, torque driver or can be mated to hydraulic pull cylinders for automation.

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