PowerStroke - Short Stroke Clamping Units


Generate large forces over short distances

The PowerStroke can be used in any horizontal and vertical application requiring large forces to be built up over short working distances.

Series FSK, FSKP

  • Clamping head with additional integrated short stroke function
  • Ideal for pressing, stamping, joining, riveting, clinching, forming, embossing, closing molds, etc.
Sitema PowerStroke - Short Stroke Clamping Units

clamping head with integrated short stroke function

The PowerStroke generates the short power stroke where it is needed, and as a consequence, the opening and closing strokes can be carried out by a compact, specialized drive system quickly and efficiently. With its efficient operation, the hydraulic units can be smaller with less oil consumption, and power consumption can be reduced.

key advantages of the powerstroke

  • Force distribution in a confined space—enables a lean, space-saving design
  • Low service needs due to durable components and easy replacement
  • Slim drive system—reduction of costs of materials
  • Small hydraulic operating volume requires less energy consumption and costs
  • Clamping on hardened standard piston rods—no complicated toothed racks required

applications of the powerstroke

  • Drive Systems
  • Press Applications
Power Stroke Illustration
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Power Stroke