Press Fit Shank Ball Elements

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Press Fit Shank Ball Elements

press fit shank ball elements


600 Series
Load capacity 11,240 lbs
Ball face diameter .71"
Ball diameter .945"
Serration Height .025"
700 Series
Load capacity 22,480 lbs
Ball face diameter 1.36"
Ball diameter 1.575"
Serration Height .050"
*Oversized Ball Face Diameter = 1.09"


  • Precision spherical locating
    screws are used with ball
    elements with locating holes
  • Fixed height doubles for use in locating and positioning post pieces • Swiveling ball element contact pads allow for less internal stresses for bent or angled parts that require clamping for machining; press-fit shanks swivel up to 10° 
  • Long life is provided by Viton O-Ring protection, preventing penetration of chips and coolant within the ball element system 
  • Ball element contact pads are available with smooth or serrated surfaces


  • Custom sizes available upon request
  • For CAD, click a product below

Press Fit Shank Ball Elements
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