Safety Catchers, Brakes & Locks by SITEMA

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Safety Devices

Safety Catchers, Brakes & Locks by SITEMA


  • Single acting (one load direction)
  • Self-intensifying
  • Release by pressure and simultaneously upward movement of the load
  • Flexible actuation possible

Comparing Ratchet vs Safety Catcher

Disadvantages Ratchet

  • Usable only at standstill
  • No overload protection
  • Blocking only at given positions
  • Safety factors to be considered
  • Not fail safety
  • Complicated
  • Certification necessary
  • Difficult Control
  • Special design necessary for each press type, ie. additional cost

Advantages Safety Catcher

  • Emergency braking possible
  • Overload protection
  • Stepless clamping
  • Safety factor included
  • Easy integration in all machines
  • Safe against operating errors and accidental release
  • Officially certified by European authorities
  • Easy remote control and surveillance
  • Standard solution with absolute functional safety, reliable and proven for more than 35 years

Rod Mounting Kits


SITEMA Safety Catchers

Safety Catchers

Safety Catchers are used wherever heavy lifted loads have to be secured against falling or accidentally dropping. Hydraulic or pneumatic actuation. One load direction. For loads from 10 kN to 1,000 kN.

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SITEMA Safety Brakes

Safety Brakes

Securing vertically moving masses. Typical applications include oblique-angled and vertical axes in the automation industry to provide vital protection of personnel and machinery. Pneumatic actuation. One load direction. For loads up to 30 kN.

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SITEMA Safety Locks

Safety Locks

Secure restraining of lifted loads. The design principle allows for the creation of highly compact clamping heads. They are ideal for applications involving purely static securing. Hydraulic or pneumatic actuation. One load direction. For loads from 2 kN to 500 kN.

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Safety Devices