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Using the best clamping technology available for your tools and workpieces is the key for ensuring the safety, efficiency, and high-precision of your processes in chip removal machining.



Schunk Workholding Systems

Vero-S Quick-change Pallet Systems

Modular quick-change pallet system for very fast and extremely precise conversion of workpieces, clamping devices or other equipment on modern machining centers. VERO-S can be almost limitlessly combined with other products and systems from SCHUNK's range of stationary workholding. This modular system offers more than 1,000 workpiece clamping variants. For your individual application.

Pneumatic Clamping Systems

Used in the automatic actuation of clamping systems if the machine has no hydraulics available. High clamping forces are implemented by these systems through the wedge-hook systems.

Hydraulic Clamping Systems

Used in the automatic actuation of clamping systems if the machine has hydraulics available. Very high clamping forces are implemented by the wedge-hook systems. Depending on the application, either clamping force blocks or lathe chucks can be used here.

Stationary Lathe Chucks

Whether pneumatic, hydraulic, or manually actuated, the SCHUNK ROTA manual and power chucks in 3 jaw versions combine high clamping forces with large jaw strokes. Ideal for clamping tasks on modern machining centers.

Manual Clamping Systems

Whether the classic manual clamping vise from the KONTEC products, manual clamping force blocks from TANDEM products or stationary lathe chucks – SCHUNK offers the right clamping solution for your application. In combination with the VERO-S quick-change pallet system, the set-up time can be reduced by up to 90%.

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