How do I install the spring base on a Sitema KR-Series Safety Catcher?

Steps to Install the Spring Base on a Sitema KR-Series Safety Catcher:

  1. Remove the proximity holders as well as the breather and pressure port plugs from the Safety Catcher.
  2. Start by sliding the seal and white spacer over the Safety Catcher to the bottom shoulder.
  3. You may need to mark and notch out the white spacer to get it over the riveted tag. 
  4. Take the spring base housing and slide it down over the Safety Catcher. The inner lip should rest on the white spacer.
  5. Turn the Safety Catcher upside down so you can see the bottom of the Catcher. You can now set the spring on the bottom of the Safety Catcher. The spring should sit in the counterbore of the bottom plate.
  6. You will need to use something to hold the housing of the spring base up such as some 2x4s.
  7. Using two threaded rods or long bolts with nuts, you can p the bolts in the through holes on the spring base bottom plate. Another option is to use an Arbor Press.
  8. Now you can line up the bolts with the Safety Catcher’s tapped holes and thread them into the Safety Catcher.
  9. The bolt thread sizes are dependent on the Safety Catcher size. See the data sheets on Sitema Safety Catchers for the size units.
  10. Once the bolts are installed you can start compressing the spring using the nuts on the bolts. You only need to compress the spring enough for you to see the snap ring groove in the housing.
  11. Now you can install the snap ring into the housing.
  12. With the snap ring installed, remove the two nuts and bolts.
  13. Reinstall the proximity switch holders, breather, and pressure plug.


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