How Does the SITEMA PowerStroke Clamping Head Generate Large Forces over Short Distances?

The SITEMA PowerStroke clamping head is a drive system for horizontal and vertical applications requiring large power forces to be built up over short working strokes. It can handle up to 200 tons of force on a 20 mm stroke with a single unit, with the force being proportional to the applied closing pressure.

Operating Principle of a PowerStroke Clamping Head

The PowerStroke clamping head solves the conflict between a fast closing stroke and a powerful working stroke on injection molding machines. It works independently of the drive system and clamps a smooth, round rod as it pushes it with great force at a defined rate of travel (short stroke). The PowerStroke clamping head is released as the mold is opened and closed leaving the motion unbroken.

Once the mold halves touch, the PowerStroke clamping head uses self-intensifying clamping technology (port L pressure-free) to lock onto the rod. Pressure is then applied to port K generating a powerful closing force.

The closing force is removed by re-routing the pressure from port K to L after the production process. The mold opens up with a force that is up to 10% of the closing force, overcoming any sticking effects.

The PowerStroke clamping head provides several advantages including:

  • A lean, space-saving design
  • Lower machine production costs
  • Less energy consumption
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Higher productivity
  • Asymmetric force distribution 
  • No requirement of expensive piston rods

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