Sitema Safety Catchers Satisfy OSHA Directive CPL 02-01-043

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Slide Locks and Press Safety Catchers - Press Safety Standards

Manufacturers and end users of hydraulic, mechanical, power-presses must ensure the safety of their operators, machines, and tooling.  In the event of a power loss gravity fall, a crashing multi-ton platen can cause extreme injury to the operator and irreversible damage to the machine and tooling.  For this reason, regulatory bodies mandate that safety devices must be installed by press manufacturers and end users are responsible for ensuring a compliant solution.

OSHA defines press safety devices as “Slide-Locks”.  A slide lock is an energy-isolating device applied to a power-press that engages mechanically to support the maximum anticipated load.  All forms of slide locks are intended to address gravity hazards. However, choosing the best safety solution has been an unclear task for press builders and users because OSHA has not explicitly specified a slide-lock device. AME has always recognized the SITEMAⓇ safety catcher to be the ideal slide locking solution and as of Oct. 2017 OSHA officially agrees.

SitemaⓇ safety catchers have been evaluated according to OSHA Directive CPL 02-01-043.  OSHA has determined that the SitemaⓇ Safety catcher meets all of the requirements of the directive. 

As the exclusive partner of SitemaⓇ since 1992, AME has implemented thousands of SitemaⓇ safety catchers in press applications throughout North America.  Connect with our experts for help:

  1. Understanding the Safety Standards

  2. Reviewing options for ensuring compliance

  3. Selecting and implementing the safety catcher to fit your press operation


In Canada and throughout Europe, a safety catcher is a mandatory device, but regulatory requirements in the in the US currently allow alternative slide-lock solutions that work by blocking the sliding platen with a swinging device or ram block or that prevents the platen from crashing down.  The primary advantage of the safety catcher over other safety methods is that it will engage and prevent a crash anywhere in the travel stroke of the platen, whereas a blocking device can only prevent a crash when the platen is located above the blocking component.

Safety Catchers are the clear and convenient solution for safety compliance throughout the globe.  Presses equipped with safety catchers are guaranteed to protect against injury, liability, and loss.


Sitema Satisfies OSHA Requirements