Sitema Safety Catchers Satisfy OSHA Directive CPL 02-01-043

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Slide Locks and Press Safety Catchers - Press Safety Standards

In the manufacturing industry, the safety of operators, machines, and tooling is paramount, particularly in hydraulic, mechanical, and power-press applications. The potential risk of a power loss gravity fall, where a multi-ton platen can come crashing down, poses a severe threat to operators and can cause irreparable damage to machinery and tooling. To address this concern, regulatory bodies require the installation of safety devices by press manufacturers, while end users are responsible for ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

According to OSHA, press safety devices are referred to as "Slide-Locks," which are energy-isolating devices designed to mechanically engage and support the maximum anticipated load on a power-press. These slide locks aim to mitigate the hazards associated with gravity. However, selecting the most suitable safety solution has often been a challenge for press builders and users due to the absence of explicit specifications from OSHA regarding slide-lock devices. At AME, we have always recognized the SITEMAⓇ safety catcher as the ideal slide locking solution, and since October 2017, OSHA has officially endorsed this viewpoint.

Ensure the safety of your operations by choosing AME and SITEMA's trusted and compliant slide-lock solutions. Our extensive experience and commitment to safety will provide you with peace of mind while meeting the necessary regulatory requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our industry-leading safety solutions for hydraulic, mechanical, and power-press applications.


SitemaⓇ safety catchers have been evaluated according to OSHA Directive CPL 02-01-043.  OSHA has determined that the SitemaⓇ Safety catcher meets all of the requirements of the directive. 

As the exclusive partner of SitemaⓇ since 1992, AME has implemented thousands of SitemaⓇ safety catchers in press applications throughout North America.  Connect with our experts for help:

  1. Understanding the Safety Standards

  2. Reviewing options for ensuring compliance

  3. Selecting and implementing the safety catcher to fit your press operation


In Canada and across Europe, the use of a safety catcher is a compulsory requirement to ensure the safety of hydraulic, mechanical, and power-press operations. However, in the United States, regulatory standards currently allow for alternative slide-lock solutions. These alternatives involve employing a swinging device or ram block to block the sliding platen or prevent it from crashing down. While these methods serve as safety measures, they have limitations compared to the safety catcher.

The primary advantage of the safety catcher is its ability to engage and prevent a crash at any point along the travel stroke of the platen. In contrast, a blocking device can only prevent a crash when the platen is positioned above the blocking component. This distinction makes the safety catcher a superior solution, as it offers comprehensive protection throughout the entire stroke of the platen.


Safety Catchers are the clear and convenient solution for safety compliance throughout the globe.  Presses equipped with safety catchers are guaranteed to protect against injury, liability, and loss.


Sitema Satisfies OSHA Requirements