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Unique clamping devices and linear brakes

SITEMA specializes in the development and production of clamping devices and linear brakes, and offers unique consulting and solution delivering expertise to meet any challenge.

Its team of experts create solutions for open air, below-zero temperatures, underwater, and other aggressive environments for rods up to 300 mm in diamter featuring mechanical, electropneumatic, and electronic systems.

SITEMA Special, Mechanical Safety Catcher

Mechanical Safety Catcher KRM

The Mechanical Safety Catcher KRM is operated purely mechanically and requires neither a hydraulic nor a pneumatic system for control.

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Special, Electric Locking Unit KFE

Electric Locking Unit KFE

The electric Locking Unit KFE is used as a step-less locking device on round rods and holds axial forces in both load directions without axial play. It is used where hydraulic or pneumatic solutions are not possible.

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Safety, Auto-Bleeder

Auto Bleeder

The SITEMA Auto Bleeder has been specially designed for the use with a SITEMA clamping head. It makes sure that the hydraulic system is constantly bled.

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Electropneumatic module EPM

Electric-Pneumatic Module EPM

The Electro-pneumatic Module EPM acts as interface between (electrical) power supply / control and a pneumatic SITEMA clamping head.

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Locking Unit for Torque

Locking Unit for Torque

Hold torque and axial forces with one single clamping head.

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Ros Leaving the Clamping Head

Rod Leaving the Clamping Head

In particular applications, it can be necessary that the rod leaves the clamping head, e.g. for reasons of accessibility or restrictions regarding space that do not allow a rod that is permanently in place.

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Mechanical Valvue Actuator MVA

Mechanical Valve Actuator MVA

Secure the rupture of a chain with the full comfort of a pneumatic SITEMA clamping head

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