5 Reasons to Follow AME’s Spindle Interface Knowledge Base for Tool Clamping Systems

Apr 17, 2018

OTT-Jakob spindle interface knowledge base by Advanced Machine and EngineeringFor machine tool clamping systems and precision spindle shafts it is important to plan your projects and configure a clamping system that is just right for your application. Having the right knowledge is important when researching what technologies are best, and that is why Advanced Machine & Engineering (AME) has been the exclusive North American partner of OTT-JAKOB for over 30-plus years -- setting the standard for automatic tool clamping systems for machine tools.

Here are 5 reasons to follow the new Spindle Interface Knowledge Base for automatic tool clamping systems:

Highly Specialized Expertise

OTT-JAKOB's history dates back to 1873 when Albert Ott founded the A. OTT institute of mathematics and mechanics in Kempten.

They developed the first power drawbar over a hundred years later and have decades of experience working with leading spindle and machine manufacturers--specializing exclusively in the manufacturing of tool clamping systems.

AME began its partnership with OTT-JAKOB back in 1985, adding power drawbars, power-check pull force gages, and other related products to its list of offerings. 

With a combined 60-plus years of spindle and clamping technology knowledge and experience between OTT-JAKOB and AME, you'll have access to a broad range of information that focuses on spindle interface and tool clamping technology. 

Intensive Knowledge Transfer

OTT-JAKOB’s research and development department works to improve and develop their clamping systems on a daily basis. OTT-JAKOB engineers consistently collaborate with prestigious universities and research institutions to generate new ideas. This constant transfer of knowledge enables them to keep pace with the state-of-the-art and turn your technological challenges into innovative product solutions. You’ll be able to tap into this extensive knowledge base through this information platform.

Constant Quality Management

OTT-JAKOB’s high level of quality is maintained through their standardized work processes and stringent quality management. All of their suppliers and employees are obliged to adhere to clearly defined objectives, which you can learn more about by regularly reading this knowledge base provided by AME.

Comprehensive Quality Tests

You’ll also learn more about our extensive performance and endurance tests that are conducted in both OTT-JAKOB and AME's in-house testing areas that feature the latest in testing technology.

Both companies have a range of calibrated measuring machines and equipment for the purposes of general quality assurance that you can also learn more about through the Spindle Interface Knowledge base.

Expert Support

OTT-JAKOB offers an extensive range of services that guarantee smooth operation and by extension maximum availability for their clamping systems. They also provide skilled support across all stages of the life-cycle.

AME provides sales, technical, and service support throughout North America, as well as engineering for new applications. They have extensive experience in spindle shaft and production, testing, and repair. 

AME plant manager, Greg Hobbs, is a member of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) committee that establishes standards for spindle interface and clamping tool technology, allowing us to provide the best solutions for your applications. 

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