How OTT-JAKOB is Incorporating Industry 4.0 in Your Spindle

We’re all familiar with the products of Industry 4.0--it encompasses the smartphones in our pockets and tire pressure monitors in our cars. In the manufacturing industry, this also extends to increased automation and self-monitoring machines. It’s the culmination of the three industrial revolutions preceding it.

The first of these eras introduced the world to production. Beginning at the end of the 18th century, Industry 1.0 ushered in the manufacturing industry with water and steam power, as well as the first mechanical loom. The second and third revolutions were marked by the introduction of steel and digital technologies, respectively.

Enter Industry 4.0: the fourth industrial revolution.

This era is marked by improved digital technologies and cyber-physical systems. It features increased automation and digitization to complete complex tasks and produce insights. Ultimately, AME’s Vice President Harold Goellner notes, Industry 4.0 is characterized by unmanned systems and real-time data.

OTT-JAKOB, a company we partner with, seeks to deliver the fourth industrial revolution to machine tool spindles. The first company to introduce sensors and electronics into drawbars, OTT-JAKOB also integrates these into all of their systems. The manufacturer prides itself on its spindle drawbars and complete tool clamping systems--all featuring state-of-the-art technology and smart sensors. How OTT-JAKOB is Incorporating Industry 4.0 in Your Spindle

Goellner says, “Connected machines collect tremendous amounts of data, which can inform your maintenance, performance and other issues.” The new OTT-JAKOB control and assistance systems all utilize this data to improve machine tool life.

One of OTT-JAKOB’s testing devices, the Power-Check system, is an award-winning preventative maintenance product that acts as a permanent, fully-automatic application loaded in the tool magazine. Low pull-in force can result in a poor surface finish and reduced tool life, but the Power-Check Magazine monitors clamping force to obtain a longer life with more accuracy and improved safety.

The Condition Monitoring (CM) rotary union system includes an optional leakage monitoring sensor for oil and oil-water emulsions. This tool can be used to detect leakage before it causes serious damage, without the need for an actual operator to halt production to check. This can ensure maintenance is more predictable as well. Combined with the Multi-Sensor Unit (MSU), it offers a “plug and play” monitoring solution.

OTT-JAKOB’s Integrated Drawbar Position Monitoring System (INWEST) provides stroke measuring that also integrates with the MSU. The system utilizes a target ring on the coolant stem to detect draw rod position, and offers analog or digital output. By monitoring draw rod stroke, users can improve timing and detect mis-clamped tools--avoiding dangers to the operator and unnecessary repair or replacement costs.How OTT-JAKOB is Incorporating Industry 4.0 in Your Spindle

Next, the Integrated Piston Position Monitoring System (KAS) detects the position of the unclamping piston, once again completely unmanned. It can help users avoid friction welding and save hydraulic energy. This smart system prevents the rotating spindle from coming into contact with the stationary unclamped piston. Similarly, the Clamping Force and Temperature Monitoring System (GAUS) can monitor the cycles of the drawbar in the spindle, as well as the temperature changes, to detect any irregularities.

Finally, the tool clamping integrated PLANKO System provides a highly precise measuring device to detect chip/contamination between the flange of the HSK tool and spindle face. This can cause an imbalance and vibration in the tool holders or spindle. Tool and spindle life can be drastically increased by this.

Companies utilizing these systems can benefit from improved safety for their operators. They can improve preventative maintenance and spindle life, while providing crucial machine data to users. Overall, OTT-JAKOB’s new state-of-the-art spindle clamping technologies fully encompass Industry 4.0, and can help bring machines into a new era.

Learn more about OTT-JAKOB's new technology in a video presentation from the CBM Conference: 

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