Top 5 Reasons to Choose OTT-JAKOB Tool Clamping Systems

Choosing the wrong tool clamping system partner can be an expensive and even dangerous mistake. Old-school CNC machine tool clamping solutions may need extra maintenance, experience shorter lives, and can even be hazardous to operators. So, what do we recommend?

For CNC machine tool clamping systems and precision spindle shafts, it’s important to plan your projects around the clamping system itself. Having the correct information is extremely critical when researching what technologies work best, and that is why Advanced Machine & Engineering (AME) has been the exclusive North American partner of OTT-JAKOB for nearly 40 years—setting the standard for automatic tool clamping systems.

So, how can OTT-JAKOB help? Here are the top 5 reasons we choose them every time: 


Subject Matter Experts

It’s massively important to find a tool clamping company that knows what they’re doing! No one wants their supplier to shrug when they take a look at your machine. With decades of experience working with leading spindle and machine manufacturers, OTT-JAKOB meets the needs of the industry like no other company. As a complete systems provider, OTT-JAKOB relies on its own in-house engineering, development, construction, and production teams to stay up-to-date and knowledgeable. The company is even involved with the DIN Standards Committee for the German Institute for Standardization in Berlin, aiding in decision-making and standards research.

With decades of spindle and clamping technology knowledge, users can gain access to a vast range of technical information that focuses on the tool clamping technology inside your CNC machine.


World-Class Knowledge Transfer

Old-school tool clamping solutions don’t cut it in the modern world. That's why OTT-JAKOB’s research and development facility is consistently on the cutting edge of new improvements and developments. To assist this idea-driven mentality, the engineering team is in regular contact with prestigious institutions, like Technical University Munich, RWTH Aachen University, Berlin Institute of Technology, and many more. This consistent knowledge sharing helps them to develop state-of-the-art products that drive Industry 4.0.


Unmatched Quality Management

The quality of OTT-JAKOB’s clamping systems also stems from precise quality management. Their suppliers around the world are held to a high standard of clearly defined objectives and specifications. OTT-JAKOB’s standardized work procedures maintain a high level of quality and ensure a continuously improving process.


Comprehensive Quality Testing

Quality management isn’t the only thing keeping OTT-JAKOB’s products and clamping technology ahead of the pack. Extensive performance and endurance tests are regularly carried out using the newest testing technology. A rigorous inspection of the assembled units guarantees high-quality results fresh out of the box. A range of calibrated measuring machines and tolerance equipment is put to use for the purpose of general quality assurance every time.    


Exceptional Technical Support

OTT-JAKOB offers an extensive range of services that guarantees smooth operation for all of their clamping systems. They provide extensive skilled support across all stages of the product life cycle to ensure the highest customer satisfaction possible. Customer assistance is maintained long after the initial purchasing experience, resulting in a long life for the clamping technology inside your machine tool. 

Overall, OTT-JAKOB’s service, quality, and support are what differentiate them in the tool clamping industry. Their genuine dedication to improved technology and happy customers don’t hurt either! That’s why AME has been partnered with the company for almost four decades. Find out more how we can connect you with OTT-JAKOB clamping technology.

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