Triag aptoCLAMP Workholding Clamp

Clamping Systems for Heavy-duty Machining

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Clamping Systems for Heavy-duty Machining

aptoCLAMP is a further development of the powerCLAMP system for machining heavy-duty workpieces, including those weighing up to several thousand kilograms.

  • Stable and robust construction results in a high precision product
  • No extensions necessary as modules can be taken off from above
  • Contamination is unlikely as there are no T-grooves
  • Pull down and Linear clamping
  • Clamping forces up to 7,000 daN
  • Interlocked Positioning
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aproclamp cnc workholding device

The rail is the basic component of the Triag aptoCLAMP system.

Linear clamping modules with stamping and jaws attach to the base rails.

End modules can hold workpieces up to thousands of kilograms.

aptoCLAMP Modular Workholding

aptoCLAMP in Action


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