Triag triCENTRO

Self-centering Vise Blocks

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Centric Clamping with triCENTRO

Triag International AG offers a wide range of centric clamps. In addition to centric clamps that fit the powerCLAMP and aptoCLAMP rail systems or the OPPsystem zero point system, versions for hole patterns are also available.

  • Wide range of self-centering vise options.
  • Large selection of machinable jaws.
  • Adapts perfectly with the powerCLAMP system.
  • Pneumatic clamping available for autonomous CNC machine tending.

Modular Self Centering Vises

This large selection of self-centering vises adapts quickly and easily to the requirements of your machining workpiece. Flase jaws are also available and can be used with the "Type B" model as well as with the mechanical self-centering vise. Stop modules included in the powerCLAMP system can be used with "Type M." This also allows stamping clamping with the universal stamping jaw.

Pneumatic Self Centering Vises

As autonomous workholding and machine tending become more prevalent in the US, it becomes vital to invest in autonomous workholding for your shop. This process helps to eliminate loading errors and provides higher clamping forces than a standard manual vise. This clamping system only needs minimal air pulses of 5 to 6 bar for opening and closing. Once this process is complete, the air connection can be removed. Clamping forces between 1400 and 1600 daN are provided using a sophisticated mechanism. 

sputnik cnc workholding vise for 5 axis
Triag triCENTRO

Sputnik series

Triag triCENTRO

Manual self-centering vises

Triag triCENTRO

Pneumatic self-centering vises

triCENTRO Centric Clamping

triCENTRO in Action

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