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4th Axis CNC Workholding Fixtures from Martin Trunnion

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The most efficient workholding solution for your vertical machining center

Benefit from one of AMROK's complete 4th axis solutions through dramatic increased efficiency of your vertical machining center and rotary table. The Stallion Trunnion Table is made from Class 35 cast iron, making it a rigid and robust solution to your CNC machining needs. The Stallion Trunnion Table can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from 10" to 10' in length and from one to eight faces. The 4th Axis fixture can also be integrated with all of your favorite workholding devices, including Schunk, AME, Mitee-bite, Triag, Jergens, and more! Scroll down to find your perfect 4th axis workholding solution.


Martin Trunnion Systems

Single Sided Stallion Trunnion Table Fixture

Stallion 5/18

The smallest standard trunnion table size, made 100% from Class 35 Cast Iron, is designed for smaller machine tools and rotary tables. Riser blocks and braking systems are available to accommodate for your machining needs.

Trunnion Table Fixture for Single station vise

Stallion 9/20

Designed for a Single Station Vise, the Stallion 9/20 Trunnion Table is made primarily for 160 to 200mm rotary tables and smaller machine tools.

4th Axis CNC Fixture

Stallion 9/23

The 9/23 Stallion Trunnion Table is designed to hold a double station 6-inch vise and features a through hole to open/close workholding device of choice. The outboard support is customized to the center height of your indexer along with faceplate dimensions.

Large Trunnion Tables for 4th Axis Rotary Tables

Stallion 9/35 and 10/30

The 9/35 and 10/30 trunnion table fixtures feature heavy bracing for the most demanding cuts. Large face mills are not a problem. The outboard support is customized to the center height of your indexer along with faceplate dimensions. Hydraulic and Pneumatic braking systems are recommended at this size.

 4th axis trunnion table for large rotary table and machine tool

Stallion 12/48

The Stallion 12/48, the largest standard trunnion table, is highly engineered for rigidity and accuracy. This 4th axis fixture is made for the largest rotary tables and machine tools. At this size, our hydraulic and pneumatic braking systems are highly recommended.

4th Axis Rotary Table Tombstone

4th Axis Tombstone Fixtures

The Stallion Tombstone provides manufacturers with the ultimate time saver. With 4 sides, handling and tool change time decreases substantially. Every time a part is handled or indicated, there is an increased risk of scrapping it. The Stallion Tombstone minimizes this risk through 4th axis milling. With full 360-degree rotation, machining multiple sides of a part becomes possible, allowing your operators to handle a part as little as necessary.

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