Hydraulic & Pneumatic Fixture Clamps

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VekTek Fixture Clamps

Actuated Cylinders for a Power Workholding System.

Vektek manufactures a broad variety of workholding devices, pallet fixture accessories, power supplies and auxiliary equipment backed by the most extensive Customer Service Staff in the industry. The entire Vektek organization specializes in precision workholding.


Hydraulic Work Supports

These devices allow for extra support contact points on a traditional 3-2-1 fixture set-up—this takes the place of a traditional "screw jack," adjusting faster without distorting the workpiece. No more need to reply solely on the operator’s “feel”.

Hydraulic Swing Clamps

The hydraulic swing clamp arms are capable of swinging 90º. These clamps offer both single- and double-acting—position sensing, however, is only available in double-acting. Available in many body configurations, including: threaded body, top flange, bottom flange, cartridge mount, low profile mounting, and more.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Traditional actuation in a tight package. Bottom manifold and standard side-porting are optional. Available in five sizes with two stroke lengths for each size. Flush-top design makes this cylinder ideal for use in close push or pull applications. Stock end attachments are available.

Pneumatic Swing Clamps

Pneumatic swing clamp arms are capable of swinging 90º. These are run directly off your shop air pressure without the need for an intensifier. Clamping speeds can be controlled smoothly by regulating the exhaust valve.

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