VERO-S Mikro

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VERO-S Mikro

The Vero-S modular, quick-change pallet system is designed for 3, 4, or 5-axis machining centers and supports very fast, extremely precise resetting of workpieces and other equipment. The Vero-S NSE Mikro series are designed to accommodate “micro” applications.

Typical applications include quick-change pallet modules for rapid workpiece, component, and pallet changes for micro-machining, as well as the use for assembly cells and measuring machines.

  • Low profile design maximizes your machining envelope

  • Pneumatic modules can be operated at a system pressure of 6 bar

  • Positioning via short taper with a repeat accuracy of < 0.005 mm

  • Full pull-down force is maintained in the event of a pressure loss

  • Turbo is offered as a standard option, increasing pull-down force by up to 300%

  • Corrosion-free, completely enclosed, stainless steel design maximizes reliability and life

  • Consistent clamping pin size for all NSE mikro modules

  • Integrated slide monitoring

vero-s mikro

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