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The Vero-S modular, quick-change pallet system is designed for 3, 4, or 5-axis machining centers and supports very fast, extremely precise resetting of workpieces and other equipment. The Vero-S NSE Minis are designed to accommodate lighter tasks—small workpieces and light metal cutting tasks—with a height of just 20 mm.

Typical applications include workpieces handled from machine-to-machine in a production line, workpieces that would normally be clamped with special clamps due to their geometry, and small workpieces in general that need machining on all sides.

  • Optimized for direct clamping with double clamping modules

  • 20 mm height to maximize the machining envelope in smaller machines

  • Small and variable inside micrometers can be flexibly integrated

  • Fast and easy retrofitting

  • A patented drive concept transforms the spring-loaded clamping force into a high pull-force for self-retaining and safe clamping

NSE Mini

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