AMLOK Rod Locks Are Pneumatic And Hydraulic Locking Clamps

AMLOK Position Holding

AMLOK Rod Locks by AME

The Rod Lock for Heavy Loads

  • Components that are a perfect fit for your design

  • Our engineers support you to choose and integrate the right technology

  • Pneumatic or Hydraulic types available



Holding your loads securely

If your company has equipment that is used to hold heavy loads, AMLOK® is the rod lock you need. These power-off clamping devices hold loads securely. AME engineers can help you choose and integrate technologies for automated power cycling and clamping/unclamping. You get components that are a perfect fit for your designs.

AMLOK  Rod Locks

Also known as rod clamps or rod brakes, our position-holding power-off locking devices are released using hydraulic/pneumatic power and are intrinsically locked in the event of power failure.  You can rest assured that your load is held securely and reliably with AMLOK® products from AME.


Repair Service

AMLOKS, both pneumatic and hydraulic are rebuildable

AME offers an extensive repair service for AMLOK rod locks.
Please call for a return material authorization (RMA) number.

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